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Longcai - Creating a Sustainable Future


Focusing on the production and sales of raw materials for powder coatings, we have formed over 30 varieties of Longcester brand powder coating resin products and over 20 varieties of additive products. Among them, Longcai TGIC cured series resins and HAA cured series polyester resins are widely used in many brand powder coating production partners due to their excellent leveling, mechanical properties, and weather resistance.

Recently, after being audited and certified by the European Union's EcoVadis, Longcai New Materials was awarded the Gold Medal in its Global Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) evaluation, ranking among the world's best enterprises. This rating ranks in the top 5% of over 65000 companies evaluated by EcoVadis, reflecting Longcai New Materials' outstanding performance in the CSR field.

In the context of the "dual carbon era", sustainable development has increasingly become a key part of corporate growth strategies. More and more companies are responding to customer requests for EcoVadis certification. EcoVadis adheres to international sustainable development standards and is considered a trustworthy sustainability rating. The evaluation system mainly revolves around four aspects: company environment, labor and human rights, business ethics, and sustainable procurement.

Longcai New Materials has always regarded green and sustainable development as a criterion for corporate social responsibility, actively integrating into the global green and sustainable system. The gold medal for corporate social responsibility achievements this time marks a breakthrough in the sustainable path of Longcai New Materials in practice. The EcoVadis Gold Medal is a recognition of Longcai New Materials' sustainable development capabilities, and also demonstrates Longcai New Materials' commitment to sustainable development and the determination to build a sustainable and win-win ecosystem.

In the future, we will continue to fulfill our social responsibilities, implement the concept of green and sustainable development, continue to strengthen management and services, create a safe and harmonious environment for all employees, provide efficient and honest services to customers, lay a solid and stable foundation for enterprise development, and strengthen and improve sustainable development capabilities.